Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association

fostering the growth of solution focused practices

2003 Conference On Solution-Focused Practices

Loma Linda University

Dates: November 2 & 3

Location: Loma Linda, California

Co-sponsor (with SFBTA): Loma Linda University Department of Counseling and Family Sciences

Conference Chair: Jennifer Andrews

Program Chair: Thorana Nelson

Opening plenary: "A Conversation on Wittgenstein" Matthias Varga Von Kibed and Steve de Shazer

Closing plenary: "Back to the Future" Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. Accompanying Insoo and Steve were several of the early solution-focused pioneers: Jennifer and David Andrews, Steve Langer, Dan Gallagher, and Yvonne Dolan

Awards: Cynthia Franklin, and Insoo Kim Berg

Do you remember? This was the inaugural SFBTA conference. The founders met on November 1, the day before the conference in sunny California. Thorana Nelson (program chair) walked into the meeting late having come directly from the airport - she flew in from Utah; the flight was delayed because of a blizzard. The conference was scheduled at the same time as California was experiencing forest fires that eventually destroyed 92,000 acres in the adjacent San Bernardino National Forests. Thorana Nelson's husband, Vic, was bitten on the lip by a dog in the elevator. He and Thorana spent the evening in the emergency room rather than the Founders' Dinner. Vic presented a workshop the next day albeit with a swollen lip. The next day Insoo exclaimed, "Victor! I heard you got bitten by a dog!" Vic replied: "No, Insoo. It was a damn dog!"

Conference Program