Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association

fostering the growth of solution focused practices

2006 Conference On Solution-Focused Practices

Denver, Colorado

Dates: November 2-4

Location: Denver, Colorado

Co-sponsor (with SFBTA): Jefferson County Department of Health and Environmental Services

Conference Chair: Teri Pichot

Program Chair: Sara Smock

Opening plenary: "Harry Korman" Harry Korman and Janet Bevelas

Closing plenary: "Widening the Base of Evidence, A Panel on Evidence Based Research" Janet Bavelas, Harry Korman and Insoo Kim Berg"

Awards: Thorana Nelson ("Significant Contributions to the SFBTA") and Harry Korman (the first "Steve de Shazer Memorial Award")

Do you remember? There was a major snow storm just the week before the conference. Nature was on our side; all was clear by the time that the attendees began to arrive. Another conference surrounded by the beautiful Rockies. Many participants took advantage of them before, during, and after the conference. During the banquet, Harry Korman pantomimed an hilarious appendectomy: the operation was a success and the patient died. The conference broke attendance records and brought in much needed revenue to SFBTA, a not-for-profit association.

Conference Program