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Friday, November 19th, 2010 ~ POSTER PRESENTATIONS (prior to the banquet)

6:00p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Wine and cheese reception and poster presentation
Can a therapist checklist enhance the consistency of single-session SFBT?: Dina Bednar, Louise Oke, Geri Van Engen, Mark Fernades
  We present a 15-point checklist for single session therapy that is intended to ensure that the session is strength-based, goal-focused and follows the principles of Solution Focused Therapy. Fifty therapist checklists were analyzed. Fourteen clinicians were surveyed to assess their experiences and satisfaction with the checklist.
Iraqi adaptations to war and migration: Kasim Al-Mashat
  This research focuses on the well being of Iraqi refugees and exiles that lived through the “Operation Iraqi Freedom” war. It investigates the ways in which they adapted and coped with their war and migration experiences. Using a qualitative approach, ten Iraqis were interviewed individually in Amman, Jordan. Several solution focused questions were employed such as “what helped you cope and adapt to your experiences,” “what have you gained from this experience”, and “what are your best hopes.”
Solution-Focused Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Questions: Doug Anderson
  This poster describes a solution-focused functional behavior assessment (FBA) interview format. Preliminary study data and behavioral outcomes will be shared from solution-focused FBAs compared to a traditional format. Participants will be able to identify potential benefits of solution-focused FBAs. A copy of the interview format will be shared.
The Study of the Impact of Solution-Focused Consultation on Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Taiwan: Wei-Su Hsu, Hsiu-Ju Chen, and So-Tyan Melody Sun
  In Taiwan, SFBC has becoming a very popular working approach in school systems in these ten years. Researches integrating SFBC and consultant, especially teachers’ consultant, are limited and worthy to be expanded. Hence, the purpose of this study is to examine the effect of Solution-Focused Consultation teachers’ self-efficacy in Taiwan.
Developing the Learning Effectiveness Scale of Solution-focused Brief Therapy in Taiwan: Wei-Su Hsu, Shu-Hsuan Lin
  In Taiwan, through conducting researches stated SFBT training programs obviously affected the values, beliefs, cognitive models of counselors and were significantly beneficial for their individual lives and professional work. However, most related researches adopted qualitative methods. That means the instruments to measure effectiveness of SFBT training programs are limited.

Considering applications and developments of SFBT, the purpose of this study was to develop a scale to quantitatively and effectively measure the effectiveness SFBT training programs.